Sightseeing Plan


Tennoji Zoo

A zoo with over 100 years of history.
Let yourself be soothed by over 200 kinds of animals!


Lunch at Q's Kitchen

Lunch at Q's Kitchen. A wide variety of food including takoyaki, udon, sushi, and ramen are served. We recommended a sharing of food with your family.


(Precure Pretty Store,
ONE PIECE Mugiwara Store)

Shop at any kind of store you can find in Japan. This shop in Abeno Q's Mall had shops that selling figurines, one piece merchandise, and other character goods representative of Japan.


Rest at Sweets Park
(Fujiya Factory)

Take a break at Sweets Park. Enjoy a wide variety of sweets including cookies, juice, and cake.
This is a great place to take adorable photos as well.


Choose a souvenir
(Uniqlo, BIC Camera)

Choose a souvenir at the shop which is popular among the foreign visitors.
The shop is dutyfree, meaning you can buy plenty of souvenirs with a peace of mind!


Dinner at Q's Mall
(Daiki Suisan on the 4th Floor)

Q's Mall Dinner: there are many places to eat and drink on the 4th floor.
Experienced Japanese dining with the ever-popular converyor belt sushi.


Enjoy the night view at Harukas

Enjoy a stunning night view at Abeno Harukas, next to Abeno Q's Mall. Experience the view from the tallest building in Japan!